I found a picture completely out-of-place recently.  How it got there I don’t know, but it was a seemingly fitting place for it in a way.  It appeared next to a picture of a sunset I took a long time ago.

The sky fades through the shades of gray.

Turning to black, starlight emerges in a light spray.

The dim light of the moon washes across the ground.

I find some peace here, where no noise is found.

The night has always seemed to be my ally.

Hiding in darkness, silence emerges under the night sky.

It is here, I find peace from my every day trials.

Rest well deserved after many hard miles.

The darkness holds in it a world of discovery.

Stalking in shadows, true vision emerges for my revelry.

Amongst the shadows, I can seek no more.

My mind has prepared through the daylight for what’s in store.

Here after the sunset, is where I’ve found you.

In the light of day glimpses of you are too few.