Last night I made the long drive to my parents for the long weekend.  It’s a beautiful drive in the summer through mostly cottage country, but at night after a long day at work it’s a little tedious.

By starlight I venture towards home.

A welcome place to return to no matter where I roam.

In darkness I will find my way.

Though I am weary from another long day.

As dusk crept across the sky I set out.

Leaving before dawn broke, an idea now in doubt.

The path is long and will take all night.

There’s not much to light the way and keep it bright.

I follow the route on memory and instinct.

Looking for the right signs that are subtle but distinct.

Straying from the path, I won’t venture to do.

Set to it, I will sooner have home in view.

The stars of this summer night will light my trail.

I’ll make it home, even with light so pale.