When I get the chance to get home and spend some good quality time with my brothers, I always really enjoy myself.  I say really enjoy myself, because we tend to get a little carried away, but it’s always worth it!

Together with my brothers, a hell of a time.

Reminiscing about our exploits that bordered on crime. 

Drinking beer and rum, and smoking good cigars.

Talking about everything from girls to expensive cars.

We play cards and trade demeaning pokes.

Laugh are asses off, and all kinds of bad jokes.

Getting a little tipsy, as the laughs roll on.

Trading jokes about everything from dusk until dawn.

We stay up late and pass out sitting up.

Gone in mid-conversation, still holding a full cup.

Stumbling to couches and beds after getting quite drunk.

Still laughing about everything, as into sleep we sunk.

Another time together with my brothers, that was well worth the wait.

For our next family reunion, I already can’t wait.