I’m loving the feeling of fresh air this weekend, it helps wake me up in the morning and helps put me to sleep every night.  It’s amazing the subtle affect that the air quality can have on you.

Unfortunately I leave this enlivening air today to travel back to the city.  I leave with a poem describing how the air affected me last night. 

The freshness of the air on a cool summers eve.

It holds a tiring affect that is hard to believe.

The air washes over me, bringing forth a yawn.

It makes me weary before even starlight comes on.

The chill of the air cools every limb.

It causes me to relax, as my thoughts dim.

The fading light adds to my eyelids more weight.

It makes me tired before the hour grows late.

The breeze in the air is a cool temperature shift.

It sweeps me to dream, as my mind starts to drift.

The fresh evening scents draw on my mind.

It pulls me away as my eyes drop to blind.

The brisk evening air pulls me to sleep.

It leads me from day into a rest so deep.