Local can mean a lot of things to a lot of different people.  To me it has always been something that helps to define a community.  Yesterday, I had the chance to stop through the town of Campbellford, Ontario, a truly local community in my mind.  In this small town there is an abundance of little shops that can be found in most small towns, but they also have their own micro-brewery, a local dairy and cheese factory, and their very own chocolate factory.

What really shows the local spirit is that the local restaurants and shops sell and use their respective products, adding that truly local flavour to a lot of things available in and around town.  It fascinates me, and I wish that more places were like that.

The things I found in this little town.

It seems there is always something new around.

Trails line the river and little shops line the streets.

I have found nice gifts and delectable treats.

There’s great local cheese and fresh produce.

It seems there is the ingredients for every use.

From the dairy to the deli, it’s all local foods.

I have found something for all my cravings and moods.

When all else fails I can turn to a local brew.

It seems at the little brewery I can find something new.

From stouts and porters, to lagers and ales.

I have found its the place to go if all else fails.

The best part of a small town is finding the local thing.

Whether its beer or food, or a great small town fling.