Every once in a while in life you need something that shows you the right path.  Sometimes that’s someone, sometimes it’s something, but the important thing is that you realize that it’s changing your life and you make something of it.

The trail is dark, the destination unseen.

I follow it slowly, to a place I’ve never been.

By lantern light, through darkness, I make my way.

The glow of my lantern keeps me from going astray.

The night is black, the moon is low.

I trek on through the darkness, though the pace is slow.

By lantern light, in the dark, I follow this trail.

The light of my lantern is enough, though it is pale.

The forest is an abyss, the darkness surrounds.

I move through it unafraid of the unknown sounds.

By lantern light, through the night, I travel cautiously.

The burn of my lantern light lets me move safely.

By lantern light, I find my way through the night.

It shines out through the dark, my guiding light.