What does tomorrow hold?  No one ever really knows, we can make plans and stick to our schedules, and often our days will go according to plan, but we’re never fully in control of what happens next.  Tomorrow we just get out there and hope for the best.

I sit alone and dream of tomorrow.

All I’ll do is sit and watch the river flow.

It seems much better than where I am today.

Lost and alone in a world so gray.

Tomorrow, as always, I get to start anew.

The obstacles in my day begin as so few.

Oe step at a time, I can figure them out.

Starting fresh is what tomorrow is about.

Another day gives a new take on this world.

A place in which our fates get swirled.

It is a new day to find a new road.

An opportunity in tomorrow to go on without this load.

Tomorrow is always the land of opportunity.

Tomorrow offers the chance for self-improvement or world unity.