I found myself taking in the evening along the Ottawa River last night.  My mind always swirls out of control, finding things off in the distance, enjoying the sights, and relaxing just breathing in the cooler air of a summer evening.  It’s one of the simple things I enjoy in life.

I seem to always end up by the river or the lake.

It’s always the place I find life easier to take.

The water gently caresses the shoreline.

Across the water the glow of sunshine.

I watch geese and ducks swim by carelessly.

It’s here I live life so effortlessly.

The breeze gently blows over the pier.

Across the water the birds soar far and near.

I see boats of all kinds floating in full sail.

It’s a sight to take in, in the evening light so pale.

The boats skim effortlessly through the waves.

Across the water sails wait for the wind they crave.

Across the water it seems there’s another place.

Across the water is a world of wide open space.