Some things are too relaxing to resist, and it seems no matter how hard we try to, we continually spiral into pure relaxation.  I have always found sitting by the water at night to be relaxing.  It’s a place that I can sit back and let my feelings take over, even if that feeling is sleep.

A dim glare of light can be seen across the lake.

On the shore I sit watching the waves break.

This park bench, the perfect place to take in this sight.

As the seconds disappear well into the night.

The stars and the moon shine high over head.

Reminding me subtly, I should be in bed.

But the fresh breeze off the water awakens my senses.

The stillness of midnight on the water slowly intenses.

The lake is not calm, the breeze causes it to ripple.

Fresh air off the water brings a tiring feeling, enough to cripple.

My body relaxes and quietly slips toward sleep.

A park bench, no place to fall in so deep.

A gentle breeze blows off the lake, as I fall gently into sleeps embrace.

At midnight on the water, it’s hard to stay alert in this place.