I’m a little late rising today, as I had a little too much fun following last nights football game here in Ottawa.  The RedBlacks and Stampeders ended in a rare tie, but our team left a few too many scoring drives on the field.  Still I was left imagining what the stadium would have been like had we completed a scoring drive late to secure the win.

A light rain sprinkles down over the crowd.

Everyone is standing, the stadium grows loud.

The ball is on the twenty, we’re close to a score.

Our team seems ready, but the rain begins to pour.

A stiff breeze picks up blowing across the field.

Everyone is silent, the play is called and a tackle is peeled.

The running back gets inside the ten, we’re in position.

Our boys are in a spot now to complete their mission.

A roar erupts throughout the stands.

Everyone is ready, the lead is poised to expand.

The play is called, the ball sails through the air.

Our receiver pulls it in with no room to spare.

He dances into the end zone, as from a tackle he spins.

The stadium goes crazy, it looks like another win.