Yesterday brought much-needed rain to the Ottawa region, and with it came a beautiful summer storm.  I have always had an appreciation for a good summer storm, watching it from the window and enjoying a coffee is as relaxing as a lot of things to me.

The rain falls to a steady beat.

A welcome change to the scorching heat.

Filling the air and soaking the ground.

It makes new life spring up all around.

The lightning strikes in a bright flash.

Cutting the air in a luminescent splash.

A flicker of light and the roll of thunder.

Shelter is sought in whatever we can get under.

The wind picks up in a sudden gust.

Being safely inside becomes a must.

Blowing ferociously, tearing limbs from trees.

This storm has brought more than a gentle breeze.

The storm tears through the countryside.

As we watch on, sheltered safely inside.