This is a change of pace from my recent posts.  I’ve stuck mostly to writing about the distractions in my life, and not a lot about where my head and heart are at.  Sometimes the easiest way to be happy is to be ignorant though.

Embrace it or regret it?  It’s hard to know.

Should I forget this and just let go?

I’m just a dreamer facing bitter reality.

The truth is moving away from this provides no finality.

A mind and a heart, two very different creatures.

They both pull me toward very different features.

I’m just being torn in two different directions.

The fact is the different reasons offer no rejections.

Staying lost in my heart or following true logic.

The results may both be the same, walking away could be tragic.

I’m just a lost soul, who seeks this ideal match.

The reality is that one is a difficult catch.

Do I follow my heart and soul? Should I never live on?

If I follow my mind, the only hope is a new love will spawn.