It’s like a conversation between my angel, my devil and myself.  The choices presented each show value, but there is no clear path.  The problem is which is my angel and which is my devil?  My heart or my mind?

The battle between heart and mind begins.

Each pulling me wholly in different directions.

One chases reason, the other chases dreams.

If I turn to one, the other steams.

My mind tells me to find something new.

From there I tell myself the past will skew.

Beginning again seems the way to go.

But if I follow my mind I will never really know.

My heart tells me to not forget the past.

That is where I saw something I knew would last.

Chasing that dream might leave me alone.

But if I follow my heart I will find my stone.

My heart or my mind, which one is in the right?

Either way I turn, starts this internal fight.