I was thinking about sailing this morning, and the struggle to stay upright and on course in stormy seas.  It’s a prospect that frightens me as I’ve really only been out on the water in good weather, I’ve dealt with rolling waves and gusting wind, but never in the face of a real storm.

The boat rocks back and forth in the waves.

The rocking brings peril, and at the brink it saves.

Uncontrolled in the seas stormy fury.

Teetering on the edge as the waves nearly bury.

The hull takes a beating as it rolls off course.

The current pulls the boat far from safe shores.

Lost in the eye of the swirling storm.

Barely holding together, surviving natures scorn.

The captain loses hope in the gusting winds.

The storm guides the boat in unsteady spins.

Trapped in the wrath of the hurricane’s eye.

Crashing through waves under this unfavourable sky.

The wind and waves push and pull as they wish.

Unless control is gained the boat will soon join the fish.