After writing The Seas Scorn yesterday, I got thinking about what would happen after the storm.  What would happen if the captain and the boat survived, but were incapacitated so badly that they were just floating in the open sea.

My boat is capsized, I’m lost at sea.

I may be out here alone, but at least I’m free.

Free to do as I wish, within my limits here.

Free to decide my fate, no matter what I fear.

There is no easy way to get to shore.

But life when it’s easy can be such a bore.

Here I have my ideas and imagination.

Here I can find a way back through creation.

I may be slowly sinking, but I’ll bail water to the end.

My worries about drowning, like this boat are on the mend.

Beneath the waves there’s just a whole new experience.

Beneath the water could lead to my disappearance.

I’ll float and paddle towards the distant sunset.

I’ll hope every day that this leak doesn’t get me too wet.