I’m minutes away from heading to the cottage for the weekend, but I thought I would leave you with a little something before I headed out.

We’ve had some steady rain for a few days here, and both last night and today I caught myself listening to the steady beat and staring off into space, just enjoying the calming sound of rain on the roof.

It starts as a gentle pitter-patter of an evening rain.

At first to hear it you have to strain.

A sprinkle that most noticeably cools the air.

You find yourself at the window watching in an unfocussed stare.

The rain rolls down in a more steady beat.

It’s sound after a hot day seems so sweet.

Pattering now like a silent soft drum roll.

Out the window the rain puddles now in every hole.

The sky releases a heavier shower.

Even the trees leaves now seem to cower.

Rolling now like a great stampede.

The constant beat seems unlikely to cede.

The sound of rain, the drumline of natures band.

The sound of rain, sweet music that around me has spanned.