The drive to the cottage at any time of day is refreshing and invigorating.  Every second I draw nearer to a cottage I feel more and more free, and can never wait to get there.

Dusk sets in as I wind my way there.

Through the window I can smell the fresh air.

The rolling hills covered in stands of pine.

I wish down deep that this could all be mine.

The sun disappears in my rearview mirror.

The light keeps fading as I draw nearer.

Winding around bends through the hills on the way to the lake.

I drive slow, taking it all in and riding the brake.

Darkness sets in as I make the last turn.

My headlights light the way to the place for which I yearn.

The trees here grow thick, but the path is well-worn.

I follow it to the spot I know I’ll feel reborn.

Well worth the drive that leads to this place.

A drive that I wish I never had to retrace.