On a hot afternoon there’s only a few things to do to beat the heat.  We can cool off with a nice cold beverage, relax in the shade, hide inside with the air conditioning on, or probably the best option, we can get in the water.

It’s as refreshing as any other option, but being in the water on a hot summer day is a lot more fun then lazing around.

Ankle deep, I wade out into the lake.

The water starts to provide a cool break.

Even this close to shore I’m feeling refreshed.

The gentle waves rolling in on my shins they crest.

Knee deep, I stroll further off shore.

The water now cools me to the core.

Even in this shallow water, I’m starting to be submersed.

The gentle lapping on shore a sound in which I’m immersed.

Waist deep, I sink deeper into the water.

The water cools as the day grows hotter.

Even in the afternoon heat, I feel cool and content.

The gentle caress of the water, refreshes like it’s meant.

Submersed in the water, on the bottom my toes barely scrape.

From this hot summer afternoon it’s the perfect escape.