The forest continues to pull my attention away from everything else, and being that I spent the weekend with friends at their cottage getting a little taste of the outdoors, I’m now continually thinking about it.

My heart and head are still there, why aren’t I?

Reminding myself of this almost makes me cry.

I miss your tree covered hills and rocky shores.

Even the prickle in my foot from your pine needle covered floors.

My dreams are of your majestic views.

A reminder that of all other memories skews.

I miss your pristine waters and perfect sunsets.

Even now, being apart from you, leaves only regrets.

My wishes are for a trek on your narrow trails.

Reminding me that any other hike in comparison pales.

I miss your crisp morning air while watching the sunrise.

Even thinking about you make these choices ones I despise.

My heart and head long for the forest again.

A beautiful reminder that I can’t wait for then.