Hiking always leads to a point where you have to make a decision about which way to go.  The choices are often the same, the easy looking path in one direction, or the rough-looking path that winds off through the forest.  It’s an easy choice for almost everyone on a leisurely hike, but that difficult trail is an unknown route, it might be easier or harder, shorter or longer, you never know until you take it.

There’s a point in the trail where there’s two ways to go.

When I get there which turn I take is hard to know.

One way looks easy, but I’ve taken that road.

It starts as a smooth even path, but you get what you’re owed.

That way becomes a treacherous climb.

Where it leads is the same hard road over time.

Too many obstacles that get in the way.

It’s a long lonely path, on which you will stray.

The other path starts as an impassable trail.

What the view from the bottom says, is your journey will quickly derail.

Three times I’ve tried it, but quickly turned back.

It deters the best and causes courage to crack.

This is the way that must now be taken.

Without conquering that fear the journey is still forsaken.