When you receive advice in your life, you have three options for what you can do with it.  Follow the advice and hope its good, forget it and carve your own path, or you can consider it and refer to it along your way.

Sometimes we make good decisions with what to follow and what not to, and sometimes we don’t.  The most common bit of advice in my life has always been people around me preaching patience.  Of course I am patient, but not when it comes to getting something I want.

Once someone told me I should just wait.

The best things in life should be left to fate.

So I sit now faced with a decision.

Hoping fate will grant me some vision.

I just wait, hoping life will figure itself out.

That some great miracle will just come about.

So focussed on fate intervening.

Hope has just left my world careening.

But this advice to just wait, I don’t ignore.

This hope that I cling to has made me its whore.

So stuck on the hope of fate granting fortune.

Hope has been lost, on the ground my life has been strewn.

I can’t just wait while my world crashes down.

There’s no chance of me being fate’s sad clown.