Sometimes it’s not enough to Just Wait, you have to seize opportunities when you can.  The response to the advice to wait should always be this:

Just wait and I’ll prove you wrong.

I promise it won’t take me long.

You said to wait for my chance to come around.

Now, I chase it.  After my chance I’m bound.

Just wait, I’m on my way to my moment.

The purpose is clear, for what I’m meant.

You said to leave it to fate and wait.

Here, I chase it.  Wait?  It’s too late.

Just wait and I’ll show you where I’m bound.

Waiting on fate is no longer where I’ll be found.

You said, have hope, but I no longer cling to that rope.

Climbing, I chase it.  Away from hope I grope.

Just wait you said, but now I’m free.

After my fate, I chase it with glee.