We all have that person or place in our lives that makes us feel at home, and without them or it, we dream and wish to be there again.

For me that place is often anywhere away from civilization.  Anywhere there is rolling fields, a dense forest, an untouched lake, or an untraveled trail, but there is only one place that I dream of and wish for all the time.

I still dream of you.

But these dreams are far too few.

You are always on my mind.

Without you, I wander blind.

I dream of your picturesque beauty.

Remembering you has become my duty.

Your memory is imbedded in my head.

Without you, to the world I am dead.

I chase you in my dreams.

Catching you there is impossible it seems.

Your image is emblazoned in my brain.

Without you, through this life I strain.

I dream of drawing a breath of your fresh air.

Without you, this life I can hardly bear.