I find myself so distracted by where I would like to be that I’m missing things that are right in front of me.  Not completely missing them of course, just not appreciating them as much as I could.

A cool breeze blows in from the North.

I can feel it, but my mind is off course.

The air carries the scents of the city.

I’d smell them, but they would make me feel pity.

The sounds of a summer afternoon are in the air.

I don’t listen to them, I could not care.

The cool air feels nice on my skin.

I’d enjoy it, but my mind continues to spin.

A cloud spotted sky would be a nice view.

I don’t watch it, though I have nothing to do.

The air carries so much I could taste it.

I would, but my mind is lost to a place I cannot quit.

I carry more interest in the place I wish to be.

A place that would ignite my senses, if it was it I could see.