A few nights ago I took a stroll around a local lake.  The one problem about a lake in the midst of the city is the sounds and smells of the city surround you, taking away from how beautiful the place actually is.

I wander around this little lake.

From every angle a new view to take.

For such a small place there’s much to see.

Another taste of where I long to be.

The trees shade the trail in the dim evening light.

Giving the perception that this place is just right.

What I see is almost a mirror of my dreams.

But that is ruined by glowing headlight beams.

The sounds and the smells just don’t match it.

My memory of that perfect place just won’t quit.

Though this bears some striking resemblance.

It is only similar at a brief glance.

So I dream on of my perfect place.

Finding my way back with the memories I chase.