Nothing says ‘wake up’ like early morning construction smashing away over your head.  One of those incredible benefits of living in an apartment building.

Normally my world has a constant background hum.

Eclipsed by the occasional helicopter blade thrum.

Today though its something incredibly worse.

It seems this noise has become my curse.

A pounding overhead that does not subside.

Noise that washed in slowly like the rising tide.

The crack of cement vibrating the walls.

Echoing loudly up and down the halls.

This woke me from my peaceful slumber.

Starting with a distant crack of lumber.

Holding me awake with a constant hammer.

Now I wait out this incessant clamor.

The steady noise has become a burden on my mind.

It may drive me over the edge, if no solace I find.


As I was typing this the noise finally stopped! Only to start again a few moments later.