A friend of mine may have told me to post this, since I tend to not post everything I write.  Today I’ll share something extra I wrote yesterday, while I was wasting time.

I got a little inspiration for this from a new song by Miranda Lambert.  If you haven’t heard Vice, it’s definitely worth a listen, especially if you’re a fan.

This is how I spend my nights.

Buying chips and rolling dice.

Winning a few back occasionally is nice.

Wasting my nights like this is my vice.

Sitting here under the neon lights.

Drinking back whiskey, poured over ice.

Burning my throat with its warming spice.

Getting drunk like this is my vice.

Breaking things in another of these fights.

Consequences of my daily plights.

Everyone around scampers like little mice.

Blowing up like this is my vice.

These vices of mine make my world spin.

My life falls apart with every sin.