We all have memories that haunt us is different ways.  They remind us what has gone by, both the better and worse days.  They can make life more difficult if we let them get to us, but they can make us better people if we learn from them.

A memory remains of a thing gone past.

That mere thought may forever last.

Its presence there to forever remind.

A piece of your past you can’t hide behind.

It may cause you a sharp reminding pain.

Or make you remember from what you should abstain.

A bad reminder of your painful history.

Maybe causing you to wish you could forget its misery.

It may be though, a life lesson learned.

A reminder of where you came from and what you’ve earned.

This memory that pushed you forward from hell.

Showing you now where you came from when you fell.

This memory should remain, so make it last.

If you haven’t learned yet, it will remind you to get over your past.