Whether it’s a sunrise or a sunset, those few moments of dusk or dawn are breathtaking.  Witnessing a sunrise is a rare thing for me these days, but I did catch all of it just yesterday morning.

The skies are on fire with pink and red.

A beautiful glow, hanging overhead.

The clouds across the sky burn.

Fire in the skies no matter where I turn.

The skies are on fire with orange and gold.

Giving warmth to the mornings cold.

The morning mist glows with colour.

Distracting from the cities squalor.

The skies are on fire with the mornings hues.

Changing dullness into breathtaking views.

The sun burns across the earth.

Bringing the warmth of natures hearth.

A sunrise like this leaves little to desire.

Waking and watching the morning skies on fire.