After a long weekend of waking up early and staying up late to pack all my plans in, I came to a realization that I may get tired, but to fill a weekend up with memories it’s worth it.

I’ve burnt the candle at both ends.

Discovering new things and making memories with friends.

From late night parties, to early morning sports.

I can recall great times of all sorts.

I’ve made my way all over the countryside.

Finding new places and just going along for the ride.

Going for weekend road trips or long distance moves.

I remember even the places no one approves.

I’ve gone to backcountry festivals and huge sporting events.

Watching history being made, and shopping in tents.

Spending weekends in the mud, and evenings in packed venues.

I have memories to be made, and I hope that continues.

I have an itch to discover all that I can.

Of experiencing the world, I’m the ultimate fan.