Driving through the Canadian Shield can be tedious, but it is also filled with untouched landscapes that stretch for miles.  Their pristine nature captures the eye as you drive along the roadways that have been literally carved into its rock faces and over its low-lying marshes.

The rock of the shield lines the way.

Ensuring from the road, you do not stray.

It’s carved out cliffs loom overhead.

Lining the path in a rusty-red.

Black pines dominate the landscape.

Hiding your eyes from its rugged shape.

Their height blots out the low falling sun.

Casting shadows across where the roads run.

The land is spotted with low-lying marsh.

Showing the rocky countryside is far from sparse.

The murky water mists as the evening air cools.

Giving an eerie look to the dark stagnant pools.

The road north is a vacation on its own.

As a view to take in, it stands alone.