I wouldn’t have written this if the weather wasn’t so accurate.  Checking the weather yesterday evening here in Ottawa it said it was raining, but out my window was a blue sky and a falling sun.

That reminded me of a concept I’ve heard in various songs about heartbreak over the years.

Strange how it rains from this cloudless sky.

As if it decided no matter what, today it would cry.

It seems that this beautiful blue expanse.

Is locked under some dull gray trance.

A few clouds might make this feeling more real.

The drops of rain falling where everyone could feel.

But this rain seems to fall for me alone.

Washing away this former heart of stone.

If it really rained, it would hide these tears.

Falling so freely now, after all these years.

It seems today my soul got smart.

Finding a way through to an emotionless heart.

Here as the tears fall, I find myself as a different man.

The future may hold life again.  To live it, I know I can.