Pre-game always holds its rituals, both as a fan and as a player.  It’s different for both obviously, but it’s for the same reasons it’s important to the game.  I’ve experienced the pre-game rituals from both sides, but it’s as a player that they really mean something to me.

I arise ready to face my foe.

My goal today is to cause them woe.

My mind is set, this goal is clear.

I’ll set foot on the field, to ignite their fear.

My entire week was meant to prepare for this game.

If we lose, it won’t be my actions to blame.

If we win, my actions may well be responsible.

The other team knows only that I am indefensible.

I will grind my way up and down the field.

To no defense will I ever yield.

They may not run in fear, but they will cower at my strength.

For the win today I will go to any length.

Never will anyone ever say.

That this man wasn’t ready for game day.