Sitting in the shade on a warm summer day is always nice, but often we don’t appreciate it completely.  We’re too busy being happy to get some relief from the heat to notice all that the trees we seek relief under offer to us besides their shade.  The view is just as important.

Under the canopy I rest my head.

My weary limbs all feel like lead.

Here, the trees provide a comforting shade.

I watch the wind quiver through every spade.

The shade and the breeze cool me completely.

After a day in the sun it settles me to rest so sweetly.

Against this solid trunk I rest my back.

I watch the shades of green and hear old limbs crack.

These creaks and groans of an old stately elm.

An experience of sound in this place has the helm.

Such a presence this tree holds in this forest.

As if the forest itself sprang from where its seed came to rest.

Such majesty to feel the life in an old elm tree.

To take in its life, shaded under its canopy.