Have you ever stopped to simply listen to the wind through the tree tops on a cool summer evening?  It’s a pleasant sound of course.  If you think about it though it could be doing so much more than just fluttering through the leaves.

The leaves quiver overhead in an evening breeze.

Dancing in the canopy with peaceful ease.

They move separately, but together like the masses.

Fluttering about as the breeze passes.

The leaves celebrate themselves with applause.

Clapping in the wind to encourage their cause.

Their sound holds a peaceful, gentle momentum.

Applauding together in a congratulatory scrum.

The leaves hum a whispered tune.

Singing out to the rising moon.

This song seems to bring on the night.

Humming the entrance of this rising sight.

The leaves in the breeze sing along in the dark.

Giving life to the evening with inspirational spark.