Sometimes it takes a calm pond or lake to really see the world around you, the same way it sometimes takes a mirror to see something on your face.  Reflection is needed to really see the world around you for what it is.

The world is reflected in this still pool.

From the leaves in the trees, to the kids out of school.

Reflecting everything around in this natural mirror.

Providing an image of the world that couldn’t be clearer.

The trees in the water cast a different shade of green.

But every detail about them can still be seen.

How they move in the gentle breeze overhead.

Shade pours over this pond from the leaves spread.

The breeze doesn’t affect the calmness of this pond.

It seems this is a protected gem that the forest has spawned.

Cool and calm, reflecting the forest and sky.

Capturing reflections of the world, hidden like a spy.

Stealing the images around it, the worst and the best.

Reflecting the world above it, the mirror of the forest.