Music is one of the few things I find helps me feel better and think straight.  It also, reminds me of what’s important to me, and what can wait.

Minding my business, I stroll down the street.

Bobbing along with the rhythm of my feet.

My mind is off on a musical journey.

Keeping my focus off my sore knee.

The music pulls me on down the road.

Lessening the burdens of a stressful load.

I rock out to the tune of many a classic.

Saving my mind from turning depressingly sick.

A song is all it takes, cruising along the avenue.

Setting my head unburdened anew.

I sing in my thoughts a refreshing song.

Preventing my day from stretching too long.

A tune, a song, or a steady rhythm.

To the daily pains it’s a beautiful serum.