A lot of things add up to rough nights and rougher mornings.  Dragging yourself through a long day to go home and barely sleep, late nights out drinking or long nights in wishing you were.

Heartbreak is something we all face, and it often leads to a lot of those nights.  It’s a thing we often don’t understand because what led to it is something we often took for granted and ended up having to let go unexpectedly.  Heartbreak isn’t pain though, it’s a lesson in life and it teaches us how to be stronger.  It forces us into our weakest points, the hard parts of life that we struggle with, and teaches us to embrace them and get through them.

It’s my Friday night vice.

Poured straight over ice.

The next mornings pounding headache.

That sickly feeling I just can’t shake.

It’s another sober weeknight.

Bitter memories filled with spite.

The next days faked smile.

That horrible thought hangs around for a while.

It’s  another wake-up to an empty bed.

Regretted words I wish I said.

The next nights bout of restlessness.

That fear of dreams is my foolishness.

It’s my lost heart, held up by the past.

Fearing that day that anything will again last.