Two of my closest friends had their first child recently and it got me thinking about what you could say to a child one day that would help them see how special and loved they are to their family and friends, and how much potential those around him/her see in them.

It’s not an easy thing to do, to show someone how much they mean to those around them unless you can capture a moment where everyone around them was happy because of them.

On the day you were born your parents were proud.

You may never know it, but that day you drew a crowd.

Family and friends all gathered around.

Admiring you in the moment, no one made a sound.

That day you were born there were smiles everywhere.

All of them happened, just because you were there.

From all walks of life you made everyone smile.

Since that first moment, that’s been your style.

That day you were born, there was nothing but happiness.

No one in your presence could know anything less.

For family and strangers, it was no different.

It could not be hidden for who the smiles were meant.

Your first moment in this world, you made everyone’s day.

Imagine what you can do, knowing you can affect people that way.