I try to keep myself pretty busy all the time, but every once in a while I relax an entire weekend away, and sort of wonder where it went afterwards.  It’s always worth it of course, I watch movies I’ve wanted to see, catch up on sleep and eat like a college freshman.

Relaxing like this always revolves around the weather for me.  Rainy days after a heat wave are usually what does it.

It’s been a long time since I’ve felt this relaxed.

Taken a day off, where I’ve done nothing but slacked.

Rolled out of bed early, but never got dressed.

Being this lazy is kind of the best.

Sitting around in my cozy sweat pants.

No thoughts of adventure start to advance.

Just being lazy, watching movies and TV.

Of doing anything else, I have no envy.

Relaxing my whole weekend away.

Without even feeling its a wasted day.

The hours pass by ever so slowly.

With time this slow, I know I’m relaxed wholly.

Something about a cool day after the heat.

That makes me and these lazy days meet.