I really enjoy stopping to take the world around me in, and especially so when it’s in a forest, by the lake or river, or in a quiet garden.  Any place where I can really breathe nature in for even a few minutes I always find worth the stop.

Stop and watch the birds and the bees.

See how they seem so easy to please.

Flying about amongst the flowers and trees.

Oh, what I’d give to fly like the birds and the bees.

Stop and watch the rivers flow.

See how no sign of relenting does it show.

Streaming along carrying whatever’s in tow.

Oh, what I’d give to be as strong-willed as the rivers flow.

Stop and watch the wind blow the leaves.

See how they cling to the tree, no matter how it heaves.

Blowing steadily, but every leaf in the tree it believes.

Oh, what I’d give to hold on so tight like the blowing leaves.

Stop and watch the wonders of nature flow.

Oh, what I’d give for life to be so.