Driving home yesterday evening I noticed a tall oak tree standing alone along the side of the road.  Nothing about it was abnormal or out of place, but there it stood beside an open field as if it was standing watch.

Noticing this solitary tree for the first time, I saw its strength and character in a single glance.  How it stood solitary but strong, alone but confident.  It’s amazing to me to think that same tree in a forest may go nearly unnoticed, but alone it is a very different sight.

A tree alone stands tall and proud.

To feel this way it needs no appreciative crowd.

It bends in the wind and cracks if it must.

It may give a little, but in its roots it will trust.

This tree needs no support but what it provides on its own.

Needing no other for which to bitch and moan.

Through every day the wind in the leaves provides steady applause.

Making it content with whatever is its cause.

That tree stands firm in itself so resolute.

Giving itself all it needs, in this its absolute.

Standing alone, it remains strong under natures fury.

Rooted deeply enough that it has no worry.

A tree alone looms with a powerful presence.

Tall and proud in every essence.