Finding something we love is a constant journey.  It isn’t always toward a person, it’s a lot more often toward a passion.  Whether that passion be a hobby, a talent or a career, it does not matter as long as we continually pursue what we love.

Broken and alone, I still carry the fight.

It’s an uphill battle to find what’s right.

Step by step, I find my way there.

Closer every day, from my path I don’t scare.

Hopeful and fearless, I search this out.

It’s a long journey there, I have no doubt.

Mile by mile, I’ll find that perfect place.

Drawing nearer daily to the feeling I hope to face.

Stronger and happier, I’ll one day find you.

It’s a challenge ahead, but we’ll get what’s due.

Day by day, I ready myself to open my heart.

This journey is long, but to get there we must start.

Ready and open, it is love we will find.

I just hope when we get there, neither of us is blind.