I have a few days off this week, so I decided to get away and go camping by myself for a few days. I love camping, and I love nature, and being out in the forest by yourself provides an amazing sense of freedom.

Alone in the the woods, I huddle by the fire.

Warming from the evening chill, as I tire.

The chirps of crickets fill the air.

Calling out in the night in the woods we share.

Little creatures rustle around unseen.

Returning to their homes from the places they’ve been.

As night settles in, time seems to crawl.

From the hoot of an owl, to a distant loons call.

The sky grows dark infinitely.

The light of the fire, now all I can see.

Alone in the dark, I listen to the forest.

Its sounds that come alive and those that fall to rest.

Alone in the woods, taking in the night.

Alone in the dark, basking in fire light.