When I stay in a place I like I always write about it in some way or another. The last few days I have spent in Presqu’ile Park near Brighton, Ontario.

It is a beautiful piece of nature that is preserved and maintained by Ontario Parks, and despite being attacked by a pine cone hurling red squirrel this morning, staying here has been one of my most serene camping experiences to date.

In a park called Presqu’ile.

I found its natural appeal.

When I went for a hike.

Just to see what I’d like.

From its old “Scotch Bonnet” sight.

To its newer house of light.

The tranquility in “Jobes Woods” or on “Newcastle Trail.”

In others the distant whistle of a near by rail.

Along shore at “Calf Pasture Point,” float two regal swans.

The nearby meadows hold signs of fawns.

On site I hear chipmunks and squirrels frolicking in the leaves.

Every so often the rapping sound of a woodpecker from among the trees.

I unwind by the fire, after a long days adventure.

Here in Presqu’ile Park, surrounded by nature.