I take a lot of inspiration in my life from music, and some of the best afternoons I’ve spent in my life have been driving in the middle of nowhere with the radio up and the windows down.

Driving along this country road.

Radio cranked to where my ears might explode.

Rocking country classics from Cash and Haggard to Jackson and Brooks.

Back in the city this would garner all sorts of looks.

Out here in the country no one hears this sound.

But if they did these speakers would still pound.

I’d just go on driving and singing along.

Blasting the sounds of a favourite country song.

I crank up a new one by Paisley or Church.

Drive on down the road continuing my search.

Seeking the comfort of the perfect country drive.

Music up, windows down, I feel alive.

The smell of fresh-cut fields bodes.

For a perfect afternoon on these country roads.