Some days I feel like I’m running from my past. Living in fear that it will haunt me forever, and hiding from it thinking it will ruin my life.

At times I feel like I am brutally honest about my life and the obstacles I’ve dealt with, but regularly I just want to sweep it all under the bed and start over.

I’ve always been the run away.

No one out there can make me stay.

I push away nearly every day.

I’ve always been the run away.

I run away from everything. 

Don’t give hurt a second to let it sting.

Just go and go, until I’m gone.

Whatever it takes to just move on.

If it keep moving g I can’t be caught.

To give in to my feelings may hurt a lot.

So I run and run, I don’t stand still.

Run away so these feelings don’t spill.

Maybe, one day, I will stay.

Until then, I stay, the runaway.