Over the years I have had the opportunity to visit almost every corner of Ontario. As my home province I feel like it’s part of being here to see as much of it as I can.

As much as it is this sense of duty to discover what this land has to offer, every time I turn onto a new road I have this sense of excitement that I might find something new.

I’ve made the rounds to see family and friends. 

From the shores of Lake Huron, to where the Ottawa River bends.

All across Ontario I have been.

What every corner offers I have seen.

Over the years I have seen it all.

From where the giant sleeps, to where the Niagara continues to fall.

All across this province I have traveled. 

At everything it offers I have marveled. 

Through my life I have found all its faces.

From museums to parks, I have seen all its places.

All across the pastures and forests I have gazed.

In every part of it, is where I was raised.

Still it holds me, as if there’s more to be found.

So on I go, to this land I’m bound.