After spending last week making my way from place to place, visiting with everyone I could and enjoying a little time away, I had to make the long drive across Ontario back to Ottawa.

I was happy to be headed for home, but could feel the pull the whole drive to just keep exploring the countryside. The pull to keep travelling across most outweighed the pull to get back to my own bed.

At weeks end I’m bound for home.

Back to reality from where I roam.

Leaving relaxation and rest behind.

After a week of finding clarity of mind.

I drank top much, as I always do.

Enjoyed a few places, just passing through.

Spent my time with family and friends.

A week on the road, and my soul slowly mends.

From border to border, I traveled the land.

Putting my feet to both trail and sand.

Basked in the sunlight and soaked up the rain.

A week in the country, cured all my pain.

At weeks end, I’m bound for home.

Wishing the whole way, I could continue to roam.