When life changing events occur, I often try to push past them quickly hoping to forget about them as soon as I can. Unfortunately, in most situations the past eventually comes back to bite us in the ass.

As I was writing recently I realized that the only way to really get past something is to just face it head on.  Giving up on the denial that goes along with pain, and progressing through the stages of pain and hurt on the way to getting past a problem.

For me this problem is simple; anger about a situation that occurred a few years ago that was escalated to the point of no control.  A nasty break up that was all but resolved until someone decided that the break up was a game they needed to win.  When something that shouldn’t be is turned into a game, no one wins, and the reality is that it just makes the rivals bitter and then everyone wants to win.  Me included.

Hurt is what I felt back then.

Abandoned to the abyss of broken men.

Left not knowing where to turn.

Watching my life around me burn.

Shock is what set in for a while.

Alone, living in a state of denial.

Lonely with no idea what to do.

Feeling my anger slowly stew.

Madness burned hot for weeks.

Separated from sanity where desperation sneaks.

Held there by memories tight bind.

Teetering on the edge of a lost mind.

Hurt is all that I seemed to consider.

A back stabbing shot that made me bitter.